Construction Consultation Excellence

March 04, 2024

Starting in 1961, Newbanks, Inc. has led the way in transforming construction consulting services for over sixty years. Rooted in Atlanta, our journey dives deep into the fertile ground of American commercial construction consultation and real estate assets, leaving behind a legacy of numerous successful projects and multi-billion-dollar accomplishments nationwide.

Client testimonials stand as a testament to the excellence of our services. Renowned for our A&E reviews offering comprehensive and meticulous evaluations, we instill confidence in bankers regarding our capabilities. Clients recognize us as a key player in their construction processes, praising our unparalleled knowledge of commercial and residential developments.

Offering a diverse range of services, including Document and Cost Review, Monthly Project Monitoring, Cost-to-Complete Analysis, Property Condition Assessments, and Lender Representation Services, we ensure that industry standards are maintained at every stage of development.

In acknowledgment of our unwavering commitment to quality and our impressive portfolio, we received the “Top Construction Consulting Service Provider 2023” award from Construction Business Review. This recognition speaks volumes about our dedication to upholding the industry benchmark we’ve set.

Our success stems from our ability to deliver outstanding services and our comprehensive understanding of the construction sector. Our achievements underscore the significance of reliable consulting services in the industry landscape. When Newbanks is involved in a project, success is assured. Our tradition of trust and expertise continues to shape the national construction sector, one project at a time.