Trusted Construction Consulting Services from Newbanks, Inc: An Overview

February 05, 2024

Since our inception in 1961, Newbanks, Incorporated has been a stalwart in delivering top-tier construction consulting services to leading financial entities across the United States. Rooted in Atlanta, our firm’s enduring legacy spans over six decades.


Our expansive experience is showcased through the commendable reviews garnered from a multitude of projects across the vast construction and commercial real estate landscape. The analysis of billion-dollar construction projects and assets stands as a testament to our trusted expertise and profound understanding of the intricate workings of the construction and real estate industries.


Newbanks offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address various client needs. Our services span Document and Cost Review, Monthly Project Monitoring, Determining Costs to Complete, Property Condition Assessments, and Lender Representation.


Our proficiency and excellence haven’t gone unnoticed, with clients expressing, “We often engage Newbanks for our A&E Reviews and find their reports to be all-inclusive and thorough.” The extraordinary client experience we provide is further highlighted by the consistent sentiment of ‘being in good hands.’


Our unrivaled knowledge of both residential and commercial development solidifies our position as an integral part of any construction process. Awarded the “Top Construction Consulting Service Provider 2023” by Construction Business Review, our illustrious recognition cements our standing as a force in the industry.


Appreciated by industry professionals and clients alike, Newbanks redefines the meaning of service in construction consulting. Our comprehensive services are designed to provide stable project oversight, intensive management, and consulting insights, making us the reliable partner for all construction projects.