Newbanks’ 63 Years of Expertise in Underwriting Support

April 27, 2024

For over six decades, the Newbanks team has been at the forefront, specializing in meticulously reviewing diverse construction projects and existing properties. Our expertise extends to thoroughly examining construction plans, documents, and costs, making us a trusted partner in the ever-evolving real estate industry landscape.


A Proven Track Record Through Market Peaks and Valleys

Withstanding the ebb and flow of numerous market cycles in the cyclical real estate industry, Newbanks has proven to be a stalwart force. Our seasoned team brings invaluable experience, making us vital to your underwriting process. Whether facing market peaks or navigating downturns, our resilience and adaptability ensure that we remain a reliable partner for your underwriting needs.


Specialized Insight for Complex Scenarios

In scenarios where projects are in a workout scenario, foreclosure, or partially completed, Newbanks emerges as a beacon of expertise. Our professional staff possess the skills and experience necessary to swiftly assess the status, condition, and quality of construction completed to date. This specialized insight is crucial for making informed underwriting decisions in the current market environment.


On-Site Evaluation and Comprehensive Reporting

Newbanks takes a hands-on approach to underwriting support. We visit the project site, engage with available personnel, and review all available documentation. This process allows us to determine the remaining work and associated costs needed to bring the project to substantial completion. Our comprehensive summary report is a valuable tool, empowering your firm to make sound underwriting decisions confidently.


Affiliated Services for Holistic Support

Beyond underwriting support, Newbanks’ affiliated companies offer a spectrum of services, including owner’s representative services and full-scale construction management oversight. These additional offerings are particularly beneficial for bank-owned partially completed projects, providing a holistic approach to project management and ensuring a seamless transition from underwriting to successful project completion.


Choose Confidence, Choose Newbanks

In a dynamic industry where challenges and opportunities coexist, Newbanks is a reliable partner, offering expertise and a legacy of success spanning six decades. Trust Newbanks to be your guide through the intricacies of underwriting, providing the insights and support needed to navigate the complexities of construction projects in any scenario. With Newbanks, choose confidence in your underwriting decisions.