Elevating Construction Consulting: Newbanks, Inc. Unveiled

February 12, 2024

Since our establishment in Atlanta in 1961, Newbanks, Inc. has firmly positioned itself as one of the most trusted providers of construction consulting services, catering to the nation’s leading lending institutions. With a rich history spanning over six decades, our impressive portfolio encompasses countless projects and billions of dollars worth of construction and commercial real estate assets across the United States.


Our services, ranging from Document and Cost Review to monthly Project Monitoring, Cost to Complete Analysis, and Property Condition Assessments, embody a comprehensive approach to consultation. Our highly esteemed Lender Representation Services make us the go-to choice for many lending institutions.


In the words of our clients, our services are described as “all-inclusive and thorough.” We receive warm commendations from bankers, with one emphasizing the safety entrusted in Newbanks, stating, “When Newbanks is our inspector, we are in good hands.” It’s clear that we are an integral part of the construction process. Whether commercial or residential, our knowledge is simply “unsurpassed in the industry.”


Each glowing testimonial builds on the reputation of Newbanks, unveiling our robust understanding of development and an outstanding level of thoroughness. This quality earned us the prestigious “Top Construction Consulting Service Provider 2023” award from Construction Business Review, a testament to our industry leadership.


Our years of experience, client-centric approach, and unfaltering dedication to quality service delivery truly set us apart, underlining why we are an ideal partner in construction consultation.